The archive is no longer supported. I do intend to upgrade my VPS to a model with more storage before April 2021, so I will be able to put the HTTrack collection that I have online!

Any archived websites that are still online will be taken offline in January 2021. Before they are taken down, full captures will be taken with HTTrack, so don’t worry!


Pie Kit Kat 2k15

Files: 710 (at 529 MB/531 MB size on disk)

Folders: 56

SQL databases: 1 (at 1.56 MB)

In use: July 2015 – August 2015

Archived: August 4, 2015

Final Version: 1.0.6

Description: A temporary website to pie an instructor at iD Tech, we made it a success, and since it’s a temporary site, it’ll now rest in peace in the archive. It was extremely fun while it lasted, and I’ll be back on Week 6 to do the exact same thing. 🙂

Click here to visit the archived website

(website will remain online until January 2021)


Old Archive Homepages

Files: 3 (at 2.37 KB/8 KB size on disk)

In use: June 2015 – December 2015

Archived: December 20, 2015

Final Version: 1.0.1

Description: A manually coded page for archived sites, has turned to here. I manually coded it using basic HTML, and it worked for the time, but moved it here for the ever growing list of sites, and better formatting. I did made a second one, but never used it.

Click here to visit the archived website

Click here to visit the second variant of the archived website