Pi-hole block pages

Over my time of using Pi-hole, I’ve cloned and developed some blocklists for use with Pi-hole.

The list below is short, but I hope you can find some use for these block lists. Enjoy!


If there is an issue with the blocklists, please send me an email: owen (a T > owenthe {d 0 t] dev

(why the weird formatting? it’s to prevent bots from catching this email, and spamming my inbox)


May 2019 Notice: All URLs for the blocklist have been migrated over to owenthe.dev. You can continue to use the lists under owenthe.ninja, but it’s recommended to update your lists to use owenthe.dev for futureproofing.

All blocklists are served over HTTPS. If you request over HTTP, you’ll be redirected to HTTPS.


Adhell block list – owenthe.dev/adhell.txt

This is a blocklist that I got off of the (now defunct) Adhell app for blocking ads on Samsung devices. The blocklist contains a few thousand domains.


Redshell block list – owenthe.dev/redshell.txt

I made this quick blocklist after it was revealed that a majority of high-profile games (including KSP and others) were using RedShell – basically Google Analytics for games. While most games have decided to remove RedShell, this blocklist should help in making sure that analytics to RedShell are blocked. Tested to work on a RedShell-infected version of KSP on Linux.


Fortnite block list – owenthe.dev/fortnite.txt

This blocklist should block all Fortnite servers, while leaving useful Epic Games services intact. I haven’t tested it with the latest Fortnite version, so if it doesn’t work, please notify me by leaving a comment.