Free Fonts Exploit (2014)

Way back in January 2014, I wanted to download a front from a site, but hold on there! 60 bucks for a font? Nah fam, let’s go through inspect element…and…behold! Tons of .woff files containing the font that I wanted. I downloaded the file, slapped it into a .woff to .ttf converter, and had a font that would normally cost $60.


So, I posted a YouTube video about it. In the 3 years it was up until Monotype decided to copyright strike it (more about that later), it had gotten somewhere around 15,000 views, and 200-250 likes.

As time went on, most font sites noticed my exploit, Chrome made it “harder” to access these woff files, and woff2 came out. It probably still works on some sites in 2018.



However, Monotype decided to notice my video, and decided to strike down the video…even though it was all original content. I wasn’t about to give away all my personal details to submit a counter-notification, so I let the copyright be.

A detailed technical explanation can be found here.