LineageOS for the VZW LG G2 (2017)

TL;DR: I compiled LineageOS for the LG G2. No, really, that’s it.

Back in March 2017, I decided to order a Verizon G2 on Amazon as my backup phone. When I bought it, I was contemplating if I should get the Verizon G3, as it had official LineageOS support. I got the Verizon G2 instead hoping that the Verizon G2 would get support soon.

Some time later while on the way  to a friend’s house for a Spanish project, my dad and me intercepted (really just caught up to it but I like to think intercepted sounds more cool) the USPS truck, signed for the package, and the G2 was in my hands. Already set up. I got to the friend’s house, and still feel bad for the friends there afterwards (but let’s be real, I had a semi-modern modding/backup phone), but everyone seemed to enjoy the awful ringtones included.

When I got home, I got busy rooting and eventually installing TWRP on the phone. Within a few hours, I had CyanogenMod 13 on the phone, and as my Instagram post described it:

“hey (lineageos can you get lineage 14.1 on the vs980 thanks)”

Turns out I’m really impatient.


I tried some other ROMs. AICP, nah. crDroid (a.k.a horusROM)…nope. I liked AICP, but it was too feature packed. But then, I discovered something magical. Compiling LineageOS. Gasp! Shock! Amazement! I thought, “hey, maybe I’ll compile LineageOS for my G2!”. The week-long race to a working build was on.

At first, I started building on one of my home servers. With 2.5 GB of RAM, and a Pentium E5800, builds were slow, and the machine hit memory errors. So, I tried again with an Ubuntu 16.04 VM on my powerful desktop, and…segmentation fault. Tried again with Ubuntu 14.04, and after probably a day or two, I finally had a working LineageOS build on April 3.

I kept compiling through the spring, and even chipped in when the G2 lost official support entirely in June. Eventually, I stopped compiling in August, as compiling became more of a chore than something I enjoyed.

Presently, there are builds of Android 7 & 8 for the Verizon G2 on the XDA forums.

If you still want my builds of LineageOS, here’s the download link: