Mad Libs in C++ (iD 2015)

For iD 2015, I decided to continue the trend from iD 2014, and make Mad Libs in C++ (just like in Java).

I managed to make four thanks to the wonders of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Some features according to the old page:

  • 20 minutes of fun
  • Characters get typed out every 50ms (slow typing)
  • Under 200 lines for each Mad Lib
  • Written in C++

To run the code, you’ll need Microsoft Visual Studio (VS 2015 recommended), which is a pretty big download. Sit tight and be patient if you’re doing so. Below are two downloads – one being the entire project, and one being just the .exe files.

If you download just the executable files, you’ll probably run into a missing MSVCR120D.dll error, so do some research as to how to fix this.

Download the entire project (with visual studio files):

(41.4 MB, .zip format)


Download just the executable files:

(79 KB, .zip format)


Github for the project: