o355 Games (2014-)

o355 Games is my unblocked games website that’s somehow really popular. Search “unblocked flash games” on Google. See, there’s my site! You’re probably asking how I ended up with a really popular unblocked games site. Time for a bit of history.

Back in 2014, unblocked games were a huge thing at my school. Competition was left, right, forward, backward, upward, downward – things were intense. Name copying accusations were thrown around like nobody’s business, and of course, my old o355’s Place site was constantly SQL hacked because I had no password on the database. I actually called one of the companies that SQL hacked it and that…uh…well didn’t work.

I decided to make a Weebly site for unblocked games, but the site didn’t do so well. Looks like I had lost the competition. Eventually the unblocked games surge faded, and I left the site to collect a lot of dust.

Then in 2016, I logged into my Weebly admin panel and found that o355 Games was doing 500 page hits a week, 200 visitors a week. Clearly, I’m a 4D chess master since I won that unblocked games battle.

Another two years later, I checked the site panel, and saw that the site was still growing! In January 2018 it was doing 2,000 page hits a week and 500 visitors a week – and in May it was doing 2,500 page hits a week and 700 visitors a week.

Since the site was really growing, over the summer of 2018 I took a few days to update the site, fulfilling a backlog of game requests from many years, and cleaning things up a lot. I even tried to put AdSense on the site to earn some money, but the application got denied.

As 2018 went on the site continued to grow quite nicely – 3500 page hits a week and 700 visitors a week. As the 2018-2019 school year ended, the site was doing ~5000 page hits a week, and ~1000 visitors a week.

And then, well, late 2019 decided to happen. At the start of the 2019-2020 school year the site was doing about the same as last year, until I started noticing that the site was growing at an insane pace. In early October I was getting about 10,000 hits a week and ~2500 visitors a week. Where’d all that traffic come from? Not sure. Late October 2019? 15,000 hits a week and 3300 visitors a week.

I don’t have a ton of solid reasons why the site is growing at an insane pace – but a few contributing factors is likely that it’s showing higher in search results, and that the game library is expanding more. Regardless, I’m still not entirely sure.

Since the site is getting so popular, I’ve also had to keep up with game requests that kids submit. Some of them are legit, some aren’t…a lot of them are for Minecraft. Kids will always be kids.

And that’s the story of how I made a really popular unblocked games website. Still not sure how it happened.


If you’d like to play some unblocked games yourself, you can visit the site here: https://o355games.weebly.com

November 2019 update: Turns out o355 Games is getting really popular, for whatever reason. The site is now recording 4000+ hits a day regularly and hit 5500 hits one day.

So that’s a thing

November 2019 update, 2: Turns out o355 Games continues to get really, really, really popular. It nearly did 7000 hits one day. The contact form for game requests is growing every day. Please send help.

February 2020 update: Turns out o355 Games is getting too popular. Just this Friday (2/1/2020), it did 22,000 hits in one day. It’s doing almost 100k hits in a week. The list of requested games is growing very rapidly and I just don’t know what to do