o355’s Place/Kingdom (2014)

Looking back at this post 2 years later, I realize how awfully this was typed. I’ll retry.

Back in October 2014, my friend Mike was running a web server with unblocked games and was popular at school. So, out of my best interests, my web development career began by creating a web server with MAMP, and oh boy is this a fun tale.

After some time and developing, I got the o355.us domain name which no one could remember. My gaming site was on Weebly, it probably migrated over to WordPress but I don’t know. However, there was absolutely one critical flaw in my site setup: Insecure SQL. Username root, no password whatsoever. More on this later.Thankfully I don’t set up SQL databases this way now. Thankfully.

I can also barely remember Mike getting REALLY mad at me for using o355’s Kingdom. His site was Mike’s kingdom if I can recall. The site had some interesting “features”, and the grammar you’d expect out of an aspiring young boy who doesn’t know how to do anything. Also lots of “:3”. Apparently that was popular back then. My site had cloud storage with OwnCloud, and that’s really about it. Just lots of terrible content.

Of course a few months later I probably got hit with an SQL injection and soon enough I got Adcash pop-ups (of course I had to threaten them to take them down), and probably learned how to secure an SQL database. That framework apparently turned into owenthe.ninja.

I have old backups of the site, and maybe one day I’ll make a live website of what was o355’s Place.

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