The SurvivalCraft-MC Network (2013-2016)

TL;DR: I professionally ran a Minecraft server for three years. While I was 10-13 years old. Still don’t know how I managed to pull it off.

The SurvivalCraft-MC Network. Oh, what an interesting time of my life. It’s the reason why I can say I was a professional Minecraft Server owner for 3 years – because that’s exactly what happened.


Back in September 2013, I made a Minecraft server. That then tumbled into a server that remained up for 3 years, got about 1,000 unique players, which led to a lot of work.

Running a Minecraft server is an interesting thing to do. Since I ran it solo, there were a lot of aspects to it. Server management, plugin management, staff management, community management, website management, squirrel management (okay maybe not that one). It’s a lot of management, management, management. I did manage to bake in many gamemodes and features into the server – Survival, Creative, PvP, Survival Games, Factions, all the usual stuff that a Minecraft server circa-2015 would have.

Did I say there was a lot of management?


Anyway, back in the day it was fun running a server. I learned a lot about hosting, and why it’s a shit idea to do home hosting. I got my basic knowledge of Linux from running this server, and I learned how to use many programs & applications, like Enjin, myBB, Weebly, and WordPress.


In mid 2016, shit hit the fan for the server. After 3 years and two shutdowns, staff were getting corrupt, I got doxed by a player who lived about an hour away (so you could imagine how not scared I was), and not to mention Minecraft was dying. As a result, in August 2016, I shut down the server for good.


Three years on, it’s interesting to look back on this project, and how much time I put into it. It was (and will continue to be) one of my most major projects, and was a major time for growth & learning. However, I can’t see myself managing a server on this scale nowadays. I’m happy that I put the server to rest, and started up my career in coding instead.

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