What’s my current backup phone?

As of June 2019, my current backup phone is my

Essential Phone

Current primary phone: Galaxy S9+

Secondary backup phone: Galaxy S7

Double-secondary backup phone: Google Pixel

Triple-secondary backup phone: Moto G6 Play



Q: Why does this page exist?

A: Inspired by the Ultimate Droid Incredible page about backup phones, I thought I’d make a page that keeps you in the loop about my current backup phone.


Q: How many phones do you have?

A: 30.


Q: Why do you know that you have 30 phones precisely?

A: I have a device inventory spreadsheet. My addiction is out of control.


Q: How many devices do you have?

A: About 70-75 depending on how you slice it


Q: When do you think you’ll die?

A: Likely in my mid 30s due to radiation cancer or something like that.

(Because the current year is 2019 the above statement is a joke)


Q: Why do you have a backup phone?

A: Sometimes, the unexpected occurs. I forget to charge my phone, you know, stuff like that. I make sure to keep my backup phones fully charged and ready to go to use at any moment.


Q: Why have four backup phones?

A: Because the department of the department of the department of the redundancy department needs redundancy.


Q: Do you have retired backup phones?

A: Duh, I’m Owen the Dev, of course I do. Honorable mentions include the LG G2 (bad battery + no LTE on custom ROMS = no), the iPhone 6 (bad battery + not in great shape = no), and the iPhone 6s (weak battery + it’s an iphone = no).


Q: Do the TSA agents care that you bring many phones with you?

A: No I’ve brought 4 phones through security they really don’t care

I mean if you had 20 phones that’s different


Q: How many batteries have exploded on you?

A: None.


Q: Are you lying?

A: No.


Q: Does anyone judge you for having so many phones?

A: Yes, if I start to use 3-4 phones people will always ask “WOOAAAAHH WHY DO YOU HAVE THREE PHONES”, then I have to awkwardly stare and shrug because I’m so used to having 30 phones


Q: How much effort does it take to maintain 30 phones + 40 devices?

A: Around 20-30 hours every month to charge & keep everything up-to-date.


Q: Why actually have 30 phones?

A: Development. Having a large test bed of different devices, screen sizes and resolutions on various operating systems is actually extremely useful. Sure, booting up over two dozen phones and tablets to find bugs is a really laborious process, but having such a large testbed really has helped tremendously in development projects.

Emulators can only do so much, and plus I just generally prefer having a physical device.